COVID-19 Statement: 

We are keeping a close watch on the guidance given by Public Health England regarding COVID-19, in particular that around protecting older and vulnerable people.  Please be assured that our clients’ health and wellbeing is of the highest priority to us and we will ensure that we follow all advised measures. 

As a result of the guidance, we are adapting the way we work and are providing, where possible, remote assessments and rehabilitation sessions so we can continue to support our vulnerable clients.  We aim to reduce social isolation as much as possible and reduce the need to delay rehabilitation.

At Steve Wiseman Associates, we are well placed to support our clients and colleagues in this respect as we have been using this kind of technology for a while now.

We can currently offer: –

  • Remote assessment of those with disabilities to recommend assistive technology
  • Remote assistance with setting up computer equipment using TeamViewer (dependent on internet connection).
  • Advice and guidance by phone/Skype/Zoom
  • Setting up and recording of meetings using Zoom Pro

If you are not using, are unfamiliar with, or lack confidence in technology and need support in setting up remote ways of working we can also help.  We have a broad knowledge of the different remote platforms available and can help you decide what would work best for you and your team.  We can also help manage any uncertainties you may have with using video technology as a way of working.

If you want to discuss how technology can be used to facilitate the rehabilitation process,  please contact us. 

Welcome to Steve Wiseman Associates Ltd

Rehabilitation and Participation through Technology

Our Mission...

…at Steve Wiseman Associates is to find ways of getting technology to work for those with a wide range of disabilities. It may be that mainstream tech, such as the Amazon Echo will be the answer, or something more bespoke may be required. Either way we can advise and support.

A review for you

A professional and comprehensive assessment of assistive technology (AT) needs

Collaboration & support

Full collaboration and integration with the rehabilitation process and rehabilitation team

We care about your future

Aftercare service by home visit, phone, email or remote access

A track record

Steve Wiseman Associates has provided a specialist AT service to people with disabilities since 2001


"He’s really approachable and has a fantastic knowledge base – IT + social work + ABI"
Brain Injury Case Manager
“Steve Wiseman and his team provide highly professional, innovative and pragmatic services which are extremely empowering, purposeful and meaningful to our clients. They practically demystify what are for many the intricacies of information technology, integrate these into rehabilitation programmes and have excellent teamwork and communication skills. We have no hesitation in recommending their services.”
Director, Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Case Management Company
“It was nice to work with Steve and his team who have a passion for assistive technology and are looking to improve lives. Hopefully we will continue working together in the future.”
Team Leader, Assistive Technology Supplier.

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