At Steve Wiseman Associates we find ways of getting technology to work for those with a wide range of disabilities. It may be that mainstream tech, such as the Amazon Echo will work for you, or you may need something more bespoke. Either way we can advise and support you in learning to use it.


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Assistive Technology User Gains First Class Degree


A man paralysed from the neck down less than five years ago has gained a First Class Honours degree in Politics and Philosophy.  Rob Camm, 23, used head movements to.. read more

Using the Amazon Echo to Control Your Environment


Here are a couple of very short videos demonstrating how the Amazon Echo can be used to control various appliances or answer questions purely via voice control.  As with the.. read more

Hands-free Control of Infrared Appliances


For individuals with motor skills difficulties, using handsets such as TV remote controls or, in the case of the video accompanying this article, a child’s infrared-controlled robot, can be difficult.. read more