Our Mission...

Empowering Inclusivity: Transforming Accessibility through Tailored Technology Solutions

Empowering Lives through Adaptive Technology: At Steve Wiseman Associates, our mission is to revolutionise the intersection of technology, accessibility and rehabilitation, making everyday life more inclusive for individuals with diverse abilities. We are committed to harnessing the power of mainstream and bespoke technology solutions alike, to unlock new realms of potential. 

Our endeavour is not just to advise and support, but to customise tech solutions that bridge gaps, break down barriers, and ensure that technology serves as an enabler, not a hurdle. We aim to foster a world where technology truly works for everyone.

Specialist rehabilitation assistive technology

Specialist rehabilitation in assistive technology

Client centred approach

The client is always at the centre of what we do. We take a collaborative approach to the rehabilitation process and work as an integral part of the rehabilitation team

Goal focused

We set clear rehabilitation goals that are meaningful to the client. We grade and adapt our approach depending on the client's needs.

A track record

Steve Wiseman Associates has provided a specialist rehabilitation assistive teachnology service to people with disabilities since 2001