Case Study – Designing a poster

James is a 26-year-old man who has an acquired brain injury from a road traffic incident seven years ago. He worked as an information technology professional in a school, and throughout his rehabilitation has remained interested in information technology. He is also very creative. He is a wheelchair user and he has been motivated to develop his motor skills, and makes the very best of every opportunity to engage with this therapist from Steve Wiseman Associates.

One of the activities that he particularly enjoyed was also one of the most challenging. James was tasked with designing a poster in a creative software application on a windows laptop. This involved researching a suitable design, recreating it in the software, and then using a vinyl cutting machine to cut out his project.

Part of this process involves having to remove the access vinyl as can be seen in the accompanying photographs. This was challenging for James because of his motor skills, but with determination and support from his therapist he achieved this, obtaining a perfect result.

This has motivated James to continue with this kind of activity, which is a combination of technical, creative, and practical skills. His next creative project will be to use the same equipment to create and print a T-shirt.

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