Charles Bonnet Syndrome Day

November 16th was Charles Bonnet Syndrome day.  Matt Harrison, one of our associates, has the condition and wrote this poem to reflect his own experience.

It’s a macular spectacular.

My eyes are shot to bits.

And to use common vernacular.

It’s getting on my ****.

Cos I’ve got spiders in my cornflakes.

And there’s a pitbull on my stairs

And though it isn’t even real.

My head just doesn’t care.

It’s an ocular phenomenon.

With ghosts and strange wee beasties. 

My brain’s doing jigsaws.

But can’t find the ******* pieces.

I see Tibetan monks in purple robes,

And there’s a squirrel in my face.

And I’ve got 50 filthy urchins.

Living in my fireplace.

It’s an optical catastrophe.

The cruelest trick of all.

When you’re scared to open your front door.

Cos of the corpse stood in the hall.

It’s your very own shock horror flick.

Played on a **** projector.

Guaranteed to make you sick.

David Lynch, the director

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